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Digital Identity


  • Share-Ling:
    • Repository of Teaching Materials designed by CUNY Linguistics GTF & Adjuncts for the classes we have taught.
  • CUNY Academic Commons Wiki:
    • Great source of resources, pros and cons of each. Best for early stages of planning a class or looking for a design improvement – can be a bit overwhelming if just looking for a quick fix.
  • CUNY Academic Commons
    • Resource for you to connect with other GC students. Make as many blog/webpages as you would like (this is a great format for hosting course materials if you opt out of blackboard)



  • Voicethread
    • The free version allows you to record videos, put audio to slides, and host classes

Plagiarism Detectors

  • turnitin.com
    • By far the most popular tool for detecting plagiarism. Students upload their papers and turnitin.com reports back to you if there is a high chance it has been plagiarized.
    • Note: Your campus may use something different than this. Email the librarians, they will know!

Citation Managements & Research Tools for Students

Digital Literacy

 Resources for Linguistics

  • Linguistlist
    • A resource for all things related to linguistics
  • Language Log
    • Invaluable tool for data and interesting points and topics to use in class. Great set for SQUIB ideas, points of interest, and resources to keep students connected with Linguistics in the world.

Multimedia in the Classroom