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  • Nove, C. R. and Sadock, B. (in prep). Regional distinctions in the length contrast of Central Yiddish vowels.
  • Nove, C. R. (in prep). Saving Yiddish: Postwar initiatives that shaped the language of New York Hasidim.
  • Nove, C. R. (2024: submitted). The emergence of Hasidic popular culture and its impact on language use. In The Haredi Encounter with Modernity. Casden Institute Annual Review. D. Myers and N. Yaffe, eds. Purdue University Press: West Lafayette, IN.
  • Nove, C. R. and Sadock, B. (submitted) Minimal minimal pairs: Phonetic contrast in Unterland vs. Polish Yiddish vowels. In (Dia)lects in the 21st century: Selected papers from Methods in Dialectology XVII (Mainz, 2022). S. Wagner & U. Stange-Hundsdörfer eds. Language Science Press, Language Variation Series: Berlin.


  • Phonetic Contrast in New York Hasidic Yiddish Vowels: Language Contact, Variation, and Change. Doctoral Dissertation. PDF
  • Outcomes of Language Contact: Phonetic Convergence in New York Hasidic Yiddish Vowels. In German(ic) in Language Contact: Grammatical and Sociolinguistic Dynamics. C. Zimmer, ed. Language Science Press, Language Variation Series: Berlin. PDF


  • Phonetic Contrast in Unterland Yiddish Long-Short Vowel Pairs. In Jews and Slavs: 110 Years of a Jewish National Language, Proceedings of the Czernowitz International Yiddish Language Conference 2018, Vol. 26. W. Moskovich, ed. Dukh I Litera: Kyiv. PDF



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